css hover link style : demo 68


(Fonts required: Rubik.)
                            color: #6c5ce7;
                            font-family: 'Rubik', sans-serif;
                            font-size: 25px;
                            padding: 0 7px;
                            font-weight: 500;
                            text-align: center;
                            letter-spacing: 1px;
                            text-transform: capitalize;
                            border-radius: 30px;
                            display: inline-block;
                            position: relative;
                            z-index: 1;
                            transition: all 300ms linear;
                            color: #fff;
                            border-radius: 0;
                        .link span{
                            display: block;
                            transform: rotate(0deg);
                            transition: all 300ms linear;
                        .link:hover span{
                            text-shadow: 0 0 3px #fff;
                            transform: rotate(360deg);
                        @media only screen and (max-width: 990px){
                            .link{ font-size: 23px; }
                        @media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
                            .link{ margin: 0 0 20px 0; }
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